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The PlantPoweredWellness Journey

As a certified health coach and nutritional consultant with PlantPoweredWellness, I sincerely care about your wellbeing. Since 2011, I have been working closely with my valued clients, from families to seniors,  customizing easy solutions to change and upgrade lifestyle, attitude, and nutrition patterns.

I received a B.S. in Biology from Bates College, and, after many years in the medical sales industry, along with time as a crazy busy stay at home mom raising three active kids, I made the decision to begin working with individuals and families, helping them make the best food and lifestyle choices to maximize health and well-being

How is this achieved? Using science based nutrition education- which when applied not only helps prevent illness and disease, but also benefits everything from mood, cardiovascular wellness,  athletic recovery, inflammation, eating and actually craving more fruits and vegetables, gut/microbiome health, to even improved cognitive function and memory! 


I saw my Dad pass away from cancer, and a year later, my Mom from dementia; I did not want that for myself or for my children, which solidified my mission. It is scientifically proven that our DNA is not always our destiny.... we have only one body to live in, and creating new healthier habits CAN be achieved to feel great, inside and out!😊


I am also always looking for like-minded partners to join me to make an even bigger impact. PlantPowered Wellness is ready to help you get into action- I look forward to connecting with you!

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